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Tent of Telepathy

The Tent of Telepathy is a tent, inhabited by Dipper Gleeful and Mabel Gleeful. They perform the shows where they murder their victims in the tent.

Known Employees Edit

  • Dipper Gleeful - the main act of the shows; brother of Mabel
  • Mabel Gleeful - Dipper's assistant and sister; also a main act
  • Stanley Gleeful - great-uncle of Dipper and Mabel; brother of Stanford; unknown position (likely money manager)
  • Stanford Gleeful - great-uncle of Dipper and Mabel; brother of Stanley; unknown position (likely money manager)
  • Wendy- possible employee; unknown position (likely desk worker)
  • Soos Zerimar - butler of Mabel and Dipper
  • Will Cipher - possibly part of an act
  • Grenda and Candy - possible employees; unknown position (likely Mabel's personal assistants)

Known Information Edit

The known info about the Tent of Telepathy, is that Dipper and Mabel have shows there, in which they gather volunteers and kill them to experiment with black magic. It is unknown if any other employees are apart of the shows.

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