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Stanford Gleeful is the Reverse Falls version of Stanford Pines, the author of the journals. Stanford is still the author of the journals in Reverse Falls. Stanford is the twin brother of Stanley Gleeful.

Appearance Edit

Like Robbie Valentino, Stanford's appearance differs from illustrator to illustrator. In more common illustrations, Stanford is shown in light blue or black suit with a Tent of Telepathy crystal like his niece and nephew, Dipper Gleeful and Mabel Gleeful, sometimes wearing a blue top hat. Stanford is still shown with glasses and he always has six fingers. He and Stanley both are shown with an eight-ball cane.

Personality Edit

Stanford's personality stays the same in each drawing. He is not above killing to get what he wants. He's cruel and manipulative and is willing to use his own family for his experiments. Stanford is still unusually smart but depicted as an evil genius as well as being very intimidating to even his own family.

Relationships Edit

Dipper and Mabel Gleeful Edit

Stanford's relationship with Dipper and Mabel is supposedly pretty good, considering he has a Tent of Telepathy amulet. He is their teacher in magic, both of them respect and are intimidated by him and his power.

Stanley Gleeful Edit

Stanford's relationship with his brother is supposedly better than it is in Gravity Falls, but they still argue at times. Stanford and Stanley both enjoy money and the torture of Will. They also enjoy watching Dipper and Mabel kill volunteers.

William Cipher Edit

Stanford's current relationship status with Will is unknown, but it's likely that Stanford enjoys the suffering and torture of Will.

Gideon Pines and Pacifica Southeast Edit

Stanford's relationship with Gideon and Pacifica is also unknown, but he may be better with them than Dipper, Mabel, and Stanley.