Reverse wendy

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Reverse Wendy is the reverse version of Wendy Corduroy. She may be an antagonist that works with the Gleeful twins, Dipper Gleeful and Mabel Gleeful.

Appearance Edit

Gravity falls reverse wendy nekochan by hempseedcookie-dac8ten
Reverse falls

Wendy is usually shown with the same long hair as the original Wendy, but some drawings depict darker red. She is shown usually wearing goth-like clothing, like a black tank top and hoodie, much like the one Robbie wears but with the stitched heart on a sleeve. Wendy is shown in darker blue or black skinny jeans and heeled boots with spikes. She is commonly drawn with multiple ear piercings and spiky earring's. She also wears black, finger less gloves, similar to ordinary Robbie. Her breast size is also shown to be larger and more pronounced in some drawings.

Personality Edit


Wendy is shown to have a rebellious, carefree attitude despite being an obsessed (this is shown in the official V/N that Wendy puts her hand in Robbie's jeans and talk about "what she gonna do tonight" to get his car-keys). In many pictures, she works with the Gleeful twins. It's currently unknown if she has any feelings toward Dipper or if he has any feelings toward her. For Dipper it would be unlikely, with the fact that he doesn't care about anyone except Mabel.

Relationships Edit

Dipper Gleeful Edit

Wendy is shown to work for Dipper in many cases, and there is a large possibility that she has a crush on him.

Mabel Gleeful Edit

It is unknown Wendy's current relationship status with Mabel, but it is believed to be pretty good, considering she works for her and even stated that they were friends in the past.

Reverse Robbie Edit

Robie and wendy

In some pictures, Wendy is shown to be with Reverse Robbie. She appears to be his girlfriend even in this Alternate Universe, so it seems Wendy has a great relationship with him.

Gideon Pines and Pacifica Southeast Edit

Wendy's current relationship status with Gideon and Pacifica is unknown, but it's believed to be bad and hateful, since she is aligned with the Gleeful twins.