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Reverse Toby Determined, also known as Willoughby Wright Back, is the reversed version of "Toby Determined" in the show Gravity Falls. Often, he's not featured or even mentioned in Reverse Falls fan-fictions, but he does exist in the completed universe and would hopefully exist in any Reverse Falls TV shows that can/will be made.

Personality Edit

In the show, Toby Determined is a bumbling, wanna-be reporter who uses a turkey baster as a microphone and is overly enthusiastic about becoming a real reporter, hyping every monotonous, everyday event up to a world disaster and overlooking the real mysteries. His reversed self is quite the opposite; instead of being invested as a real reporter, he only is a newspaperman for the money and makes every interesting thing sound like a merchandising gimmick.

Willoughby is greedy, corrupt, and is easily persuaded by money, with little moral codes and boundaries as to snooping into people's lives. He loves to write embarrassing gossip in his newspaper and is always spying on everybody else. Over half of his newspaper is filled with ads, mostly from the Gleeful Twins.

Role In Reverse Falls Edit

Willoughby Wright Back is the corrupt newspaperman in Reverse Falls, editor-in-chief of the Reverse Falls Gazette. The Gleeful twins often pay him or use him as a tool against their enemies, constantly running ads, false rumors or other propaganda.

The Gazette plays an important role, as it's constantly turning people for or against a subject, usually because of the Gleeful twins' opinion. Every article in the paper is majorly biased and unfair, and every advertisement is for Willoughby's or the Gleeful twins benefit. The "Gossip Column" usually starts fights amongst individuals of the town.

Since barely anybody reads the homemade "Gravity Falls Gossiper", the "Reverse Falls Gazette" is always a smash hit among the residents of Reverse Falls, and its news is always circulating around town.