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Reverse Soos, also sometimes called Soos Zerimar, is the Reverse Falls version of the beloved character "Soos Ramirez".

Personality Edit

While his Gravity Falls counterpart is lovable, understanding, and clumsy (essentially a child in a grown-up's body), Reverse Soos is cold, indifferent, greedy, and selfish. Instead of working, he's lazy and only pretends to work so that he can collect his paycheck.

Reverse Soos has no role models and does not strive to better himself in any way. He takes pleasure in belittling people for their so-called "nerdy" or "babyish" pastimes. He hides his love for childish things and constantly tells himself that he is too old for that sort of thing. As a result, he taunts others, such as Gideon Pines and Pacifica Southeast for their love of "lame" things just to hide his own insecurities.

Role in Reverse Falls Edit

In some versions of Reverse Falls, Soos is the butler of the Gleeful twins at the Tent of Telepathy. He works odd jobs and advises both Dipper Gleeful and Mabel Gleeful on what shows they should do. Sometimes he also works as a spy for them.

In other versions, Soos stays the handyman at the Pines house. Except the Reverse Soos slacks off and only pretends to work.

Appearance Edit

In pretty much every head-canon, Soos has generally the same face and body as his Gravity Falls counterpart, rather heavy-set with some small tufts of brown hair on his face and a hint of facial hair.

If Soos is the butler for the Gleeful twins, he wears a standard butler's uniform which is a black suit with a white button-down shirt, black trousers, and a small black top hat.

If Soos works for the Pines family, he wears a similar outfit to his Gravity Falls counterpart; a red T-shirt with an exclamation mark on it, and khaki cargo shorts with sneakers and a brown hat.

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