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This Wikia is about Reverse Falls, that is a fanmade AU (Alternate Universe) of the TV show "Gravity Falls". It contains "reversed" versions of all Gravity Falls characters.

The four main characters of Gravity Falls do have different names too, which are:

Dipper Pines - Dipper Gleeful (Which for some reason is extremely hot)         

Mabel Pines - Mabel Gleeful (Is super hot too)         

Gideon Gleeful - Gideon Pines         

Pacifica Northwest - Pacifica Southeast (A hot and cute badass)         

Bill Cipher - Will Cipher (a cinnamon bun)         
IMG 3196

The other characters of Gravity Falls are also reversed, which means they have the opposite attitude. Mabel and Dipper for example, who are the heroes in canon Gravity Falls are villains in the Reverse AU while Gideon and Pacifica, who resemble villanious characters in canon are the heroes here.

There is also a version in which the Gleeful twins are half demon and half human but it is not an official part of the AU.

This is also popular because of the ship Dipcifica, Dipper and Pacifica, from what I read in WattPad, this ship is pretty hot

But, who was the first person in talk about Reverse Falls? Edit

This doubt is following me since I discovered Reverse Falls. If you know something about this, please answer the question below here. Thanks for the attention.

So I found this user who says to be the "founder" of this Wikia.

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Reverse Falls characters: (from left to right) Gideon Pines, Pacifica Southeast, Reverse Bill, Mabel Gleeful, and Dipper Gleeful

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