Reverse Falls (5an5) is a fandmade version of Reverse Falls made by a youtuber callled 5an5 5keleton

Due to the youtuber being a bad animator, they have asked me to put the information here.

Most character designs and personas come from the Visual Novel

Bill is seen in this universe, but he frees Will and uses him as a pawn to create Wierdmageddon Part 2

Pacifica and Gideon are best friends in this version.

Unlike the Visual Novel, Wendy is less rebellious and enjoys talking to robbie and soos

Soos seems to be a butler for the Pines (who are still Dipper and Mabel in the version) but since, the Pines aren't as cruel as they are in the cannon, Soos is the same as his Gravity Falls counterpart, only feeling really angry when anyone from the Gleefuls get hurt.

Stan is the same as his Gravity Falls Counterpart,only being less lazy. He wears a silver suit.

Stanford is the Writer of the journals, and along with Bill, opens the portal to Gravity Falls.

In the Supposed Climax of this version, Bill absorbs Will and opens a portal with RF stanford. This portal leads the characters from GF.

Mabel and Dipper are very kind in this version, with them wearing the same clothes as the Visual Novel.

Mabel feels wierd around Gideon and (like in the cannon GF) Gideon has a rush on Mabel.

Dipper doesn't have a strong relationship with Pacifica, but she still has a crush on him in this version.

Gideon and Pacifica look and act the same as the Visual Novel

Due to it being a reverse universe, Bill can only be defeated when memories are restored.

The characters from the original show, except for Soos and Wendy, have surprised reactions at their counterparts.

Stanford wears a golden suit.