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She is a very kind, down to earth, and smart person. She is the cousin of Gideon Pines nicknamed Paz by him, whom she meets not long after he arrives at Gravity Falls. Though in some versions of the AU, Gideon is her best friend instead. She is often portrayed as having a crush on Dipper Gleeful. At times, it can almost border obsession.

Appearance Edit

Pacifica is seen to be an extremely pretty, attractive and lovable girl with long golden blonde hair that always ties it into a ponytail along with a scrunchie but can be down sometimes or in up/low pigtails and she has dark blue eyes.

There are a few differences between Pacifica Southeast and her canon counterpart. For instance, Pacifica has the third journal and also, she wears considerably less makeup.

Since she is suppose to represent Mabel in the Reverse world, many artists would dress her up in sweaters and skirts or in an 80s style like outfit and at times if she isn’t wearing a sweater, she will be wearing a large jacket instead and is seen wearing shorts with tights underneath, leg warmers and a pair of sneakers.she typically paints her nails with different neon colors or simply just pink/purple.

Also, some people likes to give her a more ‘hippie’ style like approach, which normally consists of her hair being lose with a headband and tends to wear tie dyed t-shirts, lose pants, peace earrings and sandals/boots.

Half the time, she can be seen with braces, normal or colorful ones, but some fans choose not to give her that and/or forgets to do so.

She is shown to like to put stickers all around her face.

Personality Edit

Pacifica is very outgoing, sociable and a very smart person . She is an energetic and curious girl. She is also very optimistic and sees the best in people; this is very apparent with her attitude towards the Gleeful twins Mabel and Dipper. Despite this, Pacifica is not immune to getting her feelings hurt, especially from Mabel Gleeful's teasing. She is also a very bad liar. Pacifica rarely gets angry or upset and is generally a positive person. However, she is somewhat naive and childish at times.

She is also shown to be a very good cook and artist, liking to cook for her friends and would draw pictures of her and Gideon together. And just like Mabel, she has a scapbook of her own, containing pictures of her adventures with Gideon and the Gleeful Twins.

People tends to portray Pacifica to be a very strong and willful kind of girl. For example, if Gideon is ever placed within a tough situation that he cannot get out of, Pacifica would be there to help save him displaying this strength that many probably didn’t know she even had and can be a total badass when she wants to. And while she would prefer not to hurt anyone, she would actually go and do so if needed, but she is more of the type who likes to talk things through than to use actual physical violence.

Although she is generally nice and sweet to people around her and those she meets , she can also be quite rude and cruel especially to those who hurts her friends but that rarely happens.

Pacifica wants to be a volunteer of the show, but she can't be chosen.


Gideon Edit

Depending on the interpretation of the fan, Pacifica’s relationship with Gideon can go two ways. The first, being that Pacifica is actually an older cousin of Gideon’s who he is visiting at Gravity Falls. The second being, that Pacifica is the first and best friend Gideon ends up meeting when he first arrives in Gravity Falls and is someone he becomes really close to; close enough for him to trust her with the information of journal #3, which she finds "cool" and "neat-o" enough to go on adventures with him. In fact, she is the one who sometimes convinces him to go on these adventures with her since Gideon is sometimes seen to be very cautious and even frighten of the supernatural and unknown (even if he is still curious about it).

Gideon also is seen to have a secret crush on Pacifica, one that she isn’t even aware of and if she is, she doesn’t seem to be bothered by it since she does care for him a lot. But normally, she doesn’t seem to return his feelings and so in a way, the relationship between Gideon and Pacifica is very similar to the one with Dipper and Wendy, where they are still close but will only stay as friends.

Dipper Edit

More or less, Pacifica is seen to have a huge crush on Dipper, always blushing whenever he is around and getting extremely happy when she gets to talk to him. She started admiring him from afar, as Pacifica was/is a fan of the Gleeful Twins magic show and then once she finally got to actually speak to him, her crush only intensified. Dipper however, half the time is shown to not actually be interested in her, probably finding Pacifica to be annoying or just not interested enough in dating anyone when he has more important things to focus on.
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Pacifica's crush on Dipper

Though, after finding out that Gideon has journal #3, Dipper's encounters with Pacifica only increase since she is so often with Gideon; the constant affiliation with her slowly shifts Dipper's views of her, and his feelings for her do end up changing as well. He does eventually find her to be a lot more interesting, and intelligent than he thought she was; earning both his intrigue and (to an extent) his respect.

Pacifica hangs around dipper a lot and the feelings with them start to change.

Pacifica does eventually find out that the Gleeful twins are much more sinister that the town was led to believe, but this only fuels her determination to help them, insisting that they can be good. She frequently goes to Dipper to talk to him about being a good person, and though such a notion is ridiculous to him, Dipper usually does not mind her presence.

There are even times he calls her 'quite cute' for thinking that way towards him, though it is not entirely certain whether he truly means it. Whether he is secretly touched by Pacifica's faith in him or not is unknown.

In many individual takes on Reverse Falls, it has become popular for Dipper and Pacifica to be together, however, this is, like the Gravity Falls storyline, uncanon.

Mabel Edit

In general, their relationship is exactly how Mabel’s and Pacifica’s relationship is described within the show; Mabel is the steretypical rich mean girl who is always trying to bring Pacifica down and yet despite that, Pacifica is still kind and nice to her and even treats her like a friend. But they aren’t, or at least they aren’t friends at first. They both have a rivalry with one another, one which Mabel tends to win most of the time but Pacifica doesn’t really mind.

Like with Dipper, Pacifica believes there is good in her too and wants to become friends if Mabel did ever become good. Mabel finds Pacifica's beliefs about her and her brother abnormally hilarious and makes comments like, "In your dreams, little freak!" or "The believers are always the first to die!"

It is possible Mabel sees Pacifica as a threat to her brother when she notices the two become closer, and has even warned her brother to stay away from her.


Mr. and Mrs. Southeast (Parents) Edit

Unlike the relationship the original Pacifica Northwest has with her parents, this version of Pacifica actually has a close relationship with her parents. It could mainly be because of the fact that they aren’t rich, meaning that they don’t let having money get to their heads and that they would actually spend time as a family. Since Pacifica is seen to either be an 80s kind of girl or a hippie, both her mom and dad as shown to share similar characteristics, meaning that any influences for her style and tastes had been received by them and furthering the fact of the family's closeness.

They never get embarrassed no matter what Pacifica does and are always forgiving and proud of her. Unlike Stan Pines, they love Clucks and don't find her a nuisance.

Clucks (Pacifica's Chicken)

In the Reverse Falls Universe, instead of having a pet pig (like cannon Mabel), Pacifica actually has a pet chicken instead named clucks. Clucks is Pacifica’s most cherished pet who will always have her back when she needs her. Clucks, though usually emotionless (like cannon Waddles) seems to be intelligent enough to listen to commands if Pacifica gives them.

Though Pacifica adores Clucks, Gideon only mildly tolerates the animal, and is constantly being annoyed by the chicken's pecking on his notes, clothes, and body. This could indicate Clucks may in fact be jealous that her master shows so much affection to Gideon.

Reverse Bill

Will was pleasantly surprised by Pacifica's hospitality and cheerfulness, so much so that he temporarily thought it to be a ploy to trap him when they first met, but he quickly realized her nature was genuine. When Will was first summoned, it was for him to deal with the twins' "New Kid Problem" (Gideon), but Will failed this task. It is debatable that he failed on purpose in order to protect Gideon and Pacifica from harm, even though doing so sealed his fate for slavery under the Gleefuls. There haven't been many interactions between Pacfica and Will, so there isn’t much to say about their relationship, other than the fact that she most likely feels sorry for him. Seeing how the Gleeful Twins have him captured and he is forced to do whatever they command him to do, Pacifica would definitely feel sorry for him and would want to try and help save him from the two. Though rare, whenever they meet she treats him with so much kindness that Will is still always baffled at times that a human can be as kind and sweet as Pacifica is.