Bud Pines, and his unnamed wife are the parents of Gideon Pines. They have a very abusive behavior towards Gideon.

Bud had never wanted a kid, so when Gideon came around his life was practically ruined. Whenever Gideon did something wrong, Bud ended up beating him, which resulted in Gideon's constant nervous behavior. He was always rough towards his son and though both parents act nicely in public, their private behavior is truly horrifying.

Gideon's mother is less abusive but still very rough on her son. She forces him to clean the entire house and if she's not satisfied with his work, which is almost always, he gets beaten. At the end of the day, Mrs. Pines lets Bud do whatever he wants with Gideon.

The difference here with their counterparts is that Bud Gleeful is usually proud and supportive if his son and his mother is absulutely horrified of Gideon and always vacuuming. The Pines agressive behavior results in Gideon's personality.