Mr. and Mrs. Southeast are the parents of Pacifica Southeast. They are based on the parents of Pacifica Northwest, just kinder and caring. They are not as wealthy.

The Southeasts are kinder in Reverse Falls and respect Pacifica as a human being instead of something they can command. In return, Pacifica is kind with a bubbly attitude and good relationship with her parents.

Pacifica's father doesn't expect he can ring a bell and his daughter will obey. He doesn't believe anything can dishonor their family name and lets Pacifica do what she wants as she pleases. He doesn't care if Pacifica embarasses him in public. He is kinder and doesn't run away if he or his daughter are in trouble or have a problem, instead he fixes it himself.

Pacifica's mother is less strict and lets Pacifica wear what she pleases. She has a kind, supportive attitude and loves it when Pacifica makes friends with Gideon Pines and enjoys the Gleeful twins as much as Pacifica does. She doesn't like it when people take advantage of others and tries her best to keep Pacifica kind and happy.