Reverse Dipcifica is the shipping of Dipper Gleeful and Pacifica Southeast.

Reverse Dipifica made by fans.

Pacifica falls for Dipper's charms and develops a crush on him, as other girls have, unknowing of Dipper's true dark side. But once she finds out, she still shows him kindness, confusing Dipper, who has only shown any sincere 'affection' towards his own family.

Pacifica admits that she believes there is good in him, and is determined to help him find the light. Dipper has been shown to have, at the very least, amusement for her positive determination, and kindness for him; once calling her 'quite cute'. However, whether he truly begins to develop feelings for her is yet to be confirmed.

Reverse Dipcifica is made by the fans of Reverse Falls, coming from the first shipping of Dipifica, Dipper Pines and Pacifica Northwest from Gravity Falls.