• OdayakaSan

    Apologies all for the rant, but I need to get this out. 

    Could we stop the roleplaying on wiki pages? The pages are to learn info about the character, NOT TO ROLEPLAY. People work hard on these pages, and if you're gonna just roleplay you might as well make a Twitter or Instagram account roleplaying the character. It gets quite annoying to look through the activity to fix problems when its filled with unneeded roleplay, cant you guys just do that on a blog post or a thread of some sort?

    Another thing, can we please for the love of god stop adding unnecessary things to wiki pages? For example, an anonymous user made a change to the Dipper Gleeful page. On line 57, they added 'will is an innosent cinnabun' (, they b…

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  • TheRealSylveonChild


    October 6, 2017 by TheRealSylveonChild

    The Reverse Falls is a very cool anime game but I wish Mike Intel added Grunkle Stan into the mix. I would have loved to see his opposie self

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